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to mutual aid. live in oakland, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and in san francisco, an occupy protest there on saturday ended in almost two dozen arrests. police say the protesters tried to block the streets and the businesses. they also say some of the activities threwob jects at police hitting one officer in the head. >> protesters threw ziplock bags, some of the bags of paint contain rocks. there's definitely intent to injure. >> they acted out of line, out of policy. they were just crazy. >> reporter: that man says police jumped the gun when they went to make an arrest. in total 22 people were arrested by police. some of the charges include conspiracy, rioting and refusing to obey a lawful order torques obey a lawful order from a police officer. san francisco police say many of the protesters arrested on saturday are suspected from a similar protest in the mission district last month. >>> right now, alaska airlines is trying to fix a system-wide computer glitch that's causing major long delays. long loans form at seattle airport. company officials say a data connection pro
in the storm, just check ahead with the airlines. live in san francisco international airport. live to you. ktvu news. >> sand see continuing her destructive impact. you could see how massive the storm is. >> 45 miles an hour still, with gusts to near 65. and westerly trek around 10 miles an hour. take a look at that. i had to measure it. and reaching into new england. the flooding continues in new jersey into new england as well as another foot of snow expected to the appalachian mountains. sandy will be shifting north to the west end of the new york state. the storm impact should last through the week. torry? >> thank you, rosemary. we'll check with you for the local weather. >> and helping restore power to local people. the utility is sending 150 workers to new york. and they will be asifting, edison crews. and they are leaving today. >> and we talked to a pga spokesperson. >> and as many other utilities are. and a huge effort from utilities crews across the nation. and ready and willing to help much. >> and sandy left at least 8 million people without power and 13 states. >> bay area v
has appointed an independent panel to investigate the attack on the conse. >>> san francisco giants heading to the midwest now. bound for st. louis where they will play game three of the national league championship series tomorrow. new at noon, kristen is live at sfo where the giants took off to let us know how they are feeling for the setied one game each. >> reporter: they are on the way to st. louis to play game three in the national league championship series. the team gathered at at&t park earlier this morning. ktvu was there as pitchers sergio romo and tim linscomb loaded up on the buses, to be ready for the three games to be played in busch stadium. they head to st. louis with the series tied one game apiece. ball players boarded the buses and got an escort here to sfo. we were the only camera crew here for the departure. they loaded in a secure area behind closed doors and took off in a cloud of glory with the fire hose salute from the airport. the team is set to land in a few hours. the giants set to play game three in the series tomorrow. meanwhile, ktvu crews are also he
in california. a look at the prices around the bay area show regular unleaded averaging 4.68. san francisco is 4.74. there is hope that relief on the way. the state approved the early release of winter blend fuel in an effort to help pump up california's gas supply and bring down prices. >>> in election news, voters are going to be polls around the bay area to cast early ballots in the upcoming election. early voting opened today in several counties around the state. this was the sustain morning in san francisco. beginning today, voters can also vote by mail. signed vote by mail applications must be submitted to the department of elections no later than october 30th. if you have not registered to vote, the deadline to do that is october 22nd. >>> president obama is right now flying to his next stop after a 24 hour fund raising trip to the bay area. he board air force one just a few hours ago at sfo. mr. obama faces new poll numbers today that shows that mitt romney now taking the lead. ally has a report on the president's time in san francisco. >> reporter: people lined up along the barricades o
around. >> san francisco will be practically over run this weekend. about 40,000 people will be watching the america's cup races. fresh off their division clench giants fans will be attending play offs against reds saturday and sunday. >> i am thinking i have to come an hour or hour and a half early so i can make it. >> reporter: events are expected to draw 1 million into the city not to mention the football game saturday in brookly. >> this is all hands on event for bart to use fleet week expression. we'll have more train cars out there, more station agents, more train operators. everybody is working this weekend who can so we can get the bay area moving. >> reporter: bart could shatter its record for weekend ridership. >> driving will be a nightmare in san francisco this weekend. with baseball, fleet week and everything going on, bart will be it for me. >> reporter: if you get into a fender bender you can help officers by keeping roadways clear. >> if you are involved in a collision and you can safely make it to the shoulder, please do so. disabled vehicles are a big strain. >> reporte
. >> the world champion san francisco giants return to the bay area after winning their second world series in three years. they scored what would be the winning run in the 10th inning. >> good afternoon, i'm torry campbell. clutch hittingnd smart pitching helped the giants sweep the detroit worl tigers -- detroit tigers. >> sergio struck out cabrera to end in game four. the giants won the best of 7 series. this is the second giants victory and the second since moving to san francisco in 1958. >>> that final out, celebrations all over the bay area. this is what it looked like in the san francisco civic center plaza. an estimated 10,000 people gathered to watch the game in a big screen. they counted down at the final out and began cheering and letting out cheers of joy. there was even champagne flowing. even though it was supposed to be an alcohol-free event. >>> unfortunately there was some significant damage done by fans who got out of control while visiting san francisco. brian live to let us know what happened. >> this is suppose to be a celebratory mood. as you could see behind me, lots
afternoon. i'm corey campbell. ross mirkarimi has been reinstated as san francisco's sheriff. tara moriarty explains why he won't be back on the job for a few more jobs. >> reporter: good afternoon. he will be meeting privately with the interim sheriff and he will have meetings with her tomorrow and friday. and then on monday he will be back on the job. >> are those good eggs? >> yeah. >> you like those? >> yes. >> reporter: we caught up with the sheriff as he prepared to take his son to theo to school. >> we've had no sleep. we're lated. >> reporter: the board voted to reinstate ross mirkarimi. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the board needed nine supervisor votes to out of mirkarimi but there are only -- toast mirkarimi but there were -- to oust mirkarimi but there were only seven. his wife said justice was finally done. >> i have a message for naylor ed lee. [inaudible] >> reporter: lee suspended mirkarimi. >> i think it's outrageous. i think that the members that did not vote send a message that domestic violence is okay and that we don't take it seriously. >> reporter: campos says it's a tough
. >>> and the san francisco crime lab tech anything is accused of stealing cocaine. deborah madden stole cocaine she was supposed to be testing at the lab. she is facing charges of illegal drugs by fraud. madden has a admitted to taking the drugs but denies the fraud charge. they prompted the district attorney to dismiss evidence based on evidence from that lab. it is based on four years in prison. >>> they are now looking for two missing fisherman. the pair were missing since the boat overturned 20 miles south of half-moon bay. a coast guard search and rescue team did more searches. four people were aboard the boat and two people made it back safely. there are civil on the shore helping in the search. >>> it is another very warm day and a wave of whether or weather. rosemary orozco is here with more, rosemary? >> reporter: it is a gorgeous beach day, once again giving you a live look mostly sunny skies and 70 degrees and on the flip side, it is a scorcher once again inland and today will be the hottest day, we are looking at temperatures from the mid-60s to near 90 degrees along the coast and far i
in the city is being considered after tomorrow's full day session. they say san francisco will be the official host city even though the game would be played in santa clara. >> it would bring a lot of revenue in. it would be great for the local restaurants et cetera, bars hotels... >> the only time they hosted a super bowl is at sanford stadium. >>> once again he learned he had won a nobel prize. jeanine della vega is where the professor seems to be taking the news in stride. good afternoon jeanine. >> reporter: he is a visiting professor and just won the nobel prize for economic sciences and it could not come at a better time because he plans on becoming a proffer here in 20 -- professor at 2013. >> reporter: they awarded him the nobel prize for his work on market design. he received a call at 3:30 a.m. when he got the call and said he had won. rob is considered a pioneer in matching theory. he was able to develop a program that matches physicians with hospitals that were compatible for them. he is also known for redesigning the market for people who want to donate kidney. >> so if you are h
was injured in the shooting in san francisco's mission district. it happened around 6:00 last night near 24th and harrison. police say the victims were approached by two men who opened fire. one of the victims died at the scene, the other was taken to the hospital. it was the third homicide in the -- homicide in the mission in eight days. >>> in san francisco, this morning, members of the roman catholic archdiocese held a prayer vigil for 19-year-old homicide victim jose escobar, where he was gunned down on saturday. this is part of the archdiocese victims assistance program. >> we'll be working with the families. everyone that dies in the city. today marks the beginning officially of the archdiocese to work and -- you know, work with the pipe that die through violence -- with the people that die through violence. >> organizers plan to hold vigils in the area where they are killed. >>> san francisco police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting in a parking lot that left a woman wounded on monterey road near kirtner avenue. investigators say the victim was walking with her husband an
, it looks pretty good. live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> centered into right field, a base hit! coming around! and the oakland as will win another day! >>> that was the scene last night. the as were down to their last three outs when they rallied to beat the detroit tigers. 4-3 at a wild coliseum. once again, the as congratulated the coco crisp with a whipped cream can pie. the first pitch of the -- whipped cream pie. the first pitch is at 6:37 p.m. at the oakland coliseum. we'll have the latest on all bay area baseball coming up at 5:00p p.m. -- 5:00 p.m. >>> our other top story -- the possible break in the case of a hayward girl who disappeared 24 years ago. michaela garecht was kidnapped out side of a corner store -- outside of a corner store and now a bone pregnant unearthed in the central valley may help to try to solve this mystery. alex savidge is live with how that bone could be tied to a pair of serial killers. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon. a three-inch bone could be the key to figuring out what happened to michaela gar
out extra crews. they don't know how the fire started. >>> san francisco firefighters were busy putting out a fire at an empty warehouse on treasure island. construction crews were in the building when the fire began. what parked -- sparked it has not been determined. >>> the as will be at the coliseum. they are still righting the end -- writing the ending to the season. for the first time in six years, they are going back to the playoffs after beating the rangers last night 4-3. [ cheers ] >> belfour struck out all three batters. the team then started to celebrate. so at the very least, they live offed one of two wild card spots. the teams celebrated and reddick gave melvin the classic pie in the face. the celebration moved into the clubhouse. champagne and beer were flowing. as outfielder coco crisp, played a big role and scored the winning run. >> you wouldn't think that all of these rookies would be doing something like this. but they have better mentalities and have the useful spark. >> the magic may not be over. they have two games left against the rangers tonight and tomo
the man who owns the house is a recently retired san francisco firefighter who lives there with his girlfriend. a family friend says he is out of town right now. howard was surprised to see the crime scene a few doors down. >> i looked out and said what the heck is happening here. finally i opened the door and i said oh, i see, something is wrong. >> reporter: the early morning fire was called in by neighbors. investigators say no one aside from the victim was home when crews responded. investigators are working to reach the other person that lives at this house. the woman found dead has not been positively identified and investigators plan to spend most of the day today processing this crime scene. in castro valley, alex savage, ktvu. >> new information is coming into the news desk about the fire. we learned that the fire rekindled and firefighters are heading back to the scene. >>> a story we brought you yesterday, the family of a homicide victim is reminding people there is a reward for information leading to the conviction of his killers. yesterday we brought you this surveillan
opened fire on san francisco police officers. alex savidge tells us about the pursuit that follows which ended with a crash and an injured bystander. >> reporter: a smashed up cadillac behind crime scene tape in the western edition neighborhood, police say the two men riding in this car were trying to getaway when they collided with a taxicab. the air bags went off but the cab driver escaped with a minor hand injury. everything started a few blocks away when police tried to pull the car over. but police say the driver refused to stop and that is when someone inside fired shots toward officers. none of them were hit. the sergeant we talked to says they got lucky. >> i am thankful. just the fact na no one else was seriously hurt given all things that could have gone wrong i think this is pretty good. >> after shots were fired the car sped off, blowing a red light before it crashed, the two men inside ran off and one of them, the passenger was taken into custody. but the driver got away. officers initially tried to pull the car over for a broken light on the license plate, a seemingly minor
. >>> a little list than two hours from now the roman catholic archdiocese of san francisco is scheduled to install its new archbishop. he is set to become the 9th metropolitan archbishop of san francisco in a mass of installation at the cathedral of st. mary of the assumption at 2:00. his installation promises to draw protests because of his opposition to same sex marriage and he still faces drunk driving charges in san diego where he was cited while visiting his mother in august. >>> president obama and mim rot knee mitt romney are back on the campaign trail after squaring off tonight. >> what i talked about was a new economic patriotism that is rooted in the belief of a strong thriving middle class. >> analysts say during the debate he failed to mention his accomplishments and did not counter many of the charges thrown his way by governor romney. >> i saw the president's vision as trickle down government and i don't think that is what america believes in. i see instead a prosperity that comes through freedom. >> mitt romney celebrated the successful first day bait with a surprise pit
to get underway. david stevenson is live in san francisco near the golden gate bridge with details on the new phase of the presidio parkway. darn said? >> -- david >> reporter: just about an hour ago, house democratic leader, nancy pelosi, joined caltrans and other state and official locals to kick off the final phase of the presidio parkway. beginning next month, phase will will begin to remove and replace the parkway. the second phase of the project will construct a new bridge, it will construct new main post tunnels, a new battery tunnel and a new interchange at gerard road. >> we will connect the main post of the presidio to chrissy need and isn't that wonderful? our workers will gain more jobs our economy will grow. >> reporter: this animation of thepry sid grow parkway shows the final result of 016, the day for completion. this phase of the project which begins next month we're told shouldn't result in doe lays for motorist. caltran promises pedestrians will have a better view of the golden gate bring. coming up at 5:00, i will have the political side of this project. back
to pitch tonight at 5:00. >>> san francisco authorities say they've arrested 64-year- old dr. marvin bonham faces 18 felony counts of trading prescriptions for cash and methamphetamine. he's medical director in santa clara county. investigators say he also provided meth and marijuana to minors. he's scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. >>> in developing news out of pacifica, police are investigating the discovery of a body. we have little information about what happened. but the intersection of lindomar boulevard is closed for the investigation. 24 is -- is video from newschopper2 just after 10:00 this morning. some media reports. but police have not confirmed that. we'll have more details on the website and coming up later in newscasts as the information becomes available. the oakland police -- >>> the oakland police say 23- year-old charles butler was did you gunned down a -- was gunned down a few blocks from the market. they say this began when butler was parallel parking next to a car with two other men in it. >> if you saw the nudge that right there, the bad parking that mr. butler did
series history. >> they win game seven, we're going to san francisco. i don't care. sure enough, we're out here. >> reporter: if you are coming out, officials say say take public transportation. the biggest question, when is the gear gonna be out? it will be around 1:00 when the shirts and hats will be available. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. >>> it's been a short, two-day turnaround for the giants. the tigers have not played in nearly a week. yesterday crews finished painting the world series series logo on the grass at at&t park. the players went through a light workout and took batting practice. the giants' players say they've overcome a lot of adversity this season but things broke their way. >> that's the thing about baseball. that's why i think it's a hard game. you have to go through the highs and lows and keep that even kiel. >> that's the thing about baseball, when things are going good, the balls seem to bounce your way and when things go bad, they are bad. >> bruce bechi announced that barry -- bruce bochy announced that barry zito will start the
who wins two games first, it's about who wins four first. live in san francisco. >> thank you. a lot of people are still talking about an important play last night that could have changed the outcome. >> the 0-1. hard hit and fair. past third. down the left field line. it's fielder going around second. the relay to the plate. it's in time! >> the crowd going wild. the relay barely caught fielder at the plate. you see it there. he was out. this was the first out in the second inning kept the score tied until the giants got on the board in the 7th. >>> while his team goes to detroit lopez headed to denver. his wife is 39 weeks pregnant and is home in colorado. doctors agreed she could have the baby by c section today. lopez plans to see the birth of his son and then fly to detroit tomorrow for game three. >>> and you can watch game three right here on ktvu channel 2 tomorrow. coverage starts at 4:30. first pitch at 5:07 our time. >>> among the special guests last night brian stow. he was severely beaten in the dodge erstad jump parking lot last year. the giants raised $70,000 for him
also made an appearance at ocean beach this morning. san francisco mayor ed lee was there and impressed by what this vehicle could do. >> i am very surprised at the size of it, the ability to carry emergency equipment from trucks to generators and all the thins that we might absolutely need in a disaster we hope we never have. >> the drill involved a cooperative effort between members of the navy, marines, coast guard and city crews. the mayor said there's also an emergency medical center set up nearby to show people what that operation would look like. >>> and fleet week is just a few of many large scale events happening in san francisco this weekend. the weekend madness includes americas cup races, the hardly strictly blue grass festival and the italian heritage parade plus two giants playoffs game and a 49ers game. the city has never had so many events stacked up in such a short period of time. muni, bart and caltrain are all expanding service. >>> nor problems for american airlines today. the close call that a passengers glad to be back on the ground. >>> the hot weather pattern beg
tomorrow. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. everyone is celebrating. the san francisco giants also known as the comeback kids are headed back to the world series. >> that should end it. and who else? scutero and the giants have won the pennant. >> the giants beat the st. louis cardinals, 9-0. game 7 of the national league championship series. it was their 6th consecutive win in an elimination game this postseason. 2nd baseman marco skew te row was named the nlcs mvp. this -- mar scutaro -- marco scutaro was named the nlcs mvp. more reaction to the giants' pennant win. brian flores has more. >> reporter: a lot of preparations on and off the field. as you can see, a lot of merchandise flying off the shelves. all of this in preparation of game one of the world series. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the more the giants moved forward this postseason, the more area businesses and fans love it. >> a bunch of hats, t-shirts. let's put it this way -- a fortune. >> reporter: what's "a fortune"? >> a couple of hundred. >> reporter: that means big dollars for local businesses. >> we came here across the st
the bay area because it was the first for san francisco. >> i love sergio romo. producer christina and i sit in the newsroom, watch these games infectious. it makes me so happy to see a guy who is not afraid to let it go. yes. he is awesome. and he does not play it cool. >> he is a humble guy. >> he is from california, too, grew autopsy dodger fan and he has well converted for now. >> you guys hit it right on the head. he is a great guy. sergio romo, one of the interesting personalities on this team. meantime, let's go to fred inglis. >> i know this cannot get old. there were so many players. a lot of these players that won this world series were not on the 2010 team. so this is new to a lot players here. >> that's the good thing about this team. it's home grown, most of them. we'll see them back, most of them. >> reporter: your feels as you went through. was there a -- your feelings as you went through? was there a different vibe? >> well, you know, this is something that we have gone through, and we had a feeling that we would over come. that was the ceo y baer. >> and marco scutaro. >
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